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Oral Care

Eludril CLASSIC mouthwash, 200 ml or 500 ml

Eludril classic mouthwash for healthy teeth and gums. The active ingredients chlorhexidine (0.1%) and chlorobutanol (0.5%) prevent the formation of bacterial plaque and tartar and protect the gums. The mouthwash is used as an adjunctive treatment for periodontal disease or after oral surgery. The recommended duration of use is 15 days.

Fill the measuring cup up to 15 ml (10ml for children) with the solution and then dilute to the upper line with warm water. Do not swallow. Do not administer to children under 6 years of age. Do not use in pregnant or lactating women.


Eludril CARE mouthwash, 500 ml

Daily reinforced hygiene. Mouthwash for follow-up care after dental treatment.

ACTIVE SUBSTANCES: Chlorhexidine 0,05%:  antibacterial, Cetylpyridinium chloride 0,05% : soothing

Combination of 2 antibacterial active ingredients at a low concentration to help prevent the formation of dental plaque. Ensures optimal maintenance as a follow - up to antiseptic treatment for patients with implant or periodontal risk and for whose brushing alone does not remove enough dental plaque.

DOSAGE: rinse mouth for 30 seconds with15 ml of non diluted mouth wash.


Eludril EXTRA, 300 ml

Long - lasting antisepsis. Complementary dental treatment. Helps maintain good oral hygiene inspecific situations: before and after dental treatment, for irritated gums linked to plaque accumulation and for patients with implants or dental appliances.

ACTIVE SUBSTANCES: Chlorhexidine 0,20%,  antibacterial.

Long-term antiseptic action for specific indications or patients at risk.

DOSAGE: rinse mouth for 30 seconds with 10 ml of nondiluted mouth wash, 2 time a day.

7-days treatment.

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